Maintenance is the most important thing your vehicle needs in order to stay on the road longer. Follow these quick and easy tips to help maximize the life of your car.

1) Change your oil every 3,000 – 5,000 miles
Oil changes are the most important part of your car’s routine maintenance. Oil lubricates the internal components of your engine, takes debris away from vital areas, and absorbs heat to keep the fast-moving parts from overheating. Over time, the oil breaks down, its viscosity increases, and it becomes less effective at doing its job.

2) Check your coolant level regularly
Coolant (also known as antifreeze) keeps your engine from overheating. It absorbs heat as it travels through your engine. Without enough coolant in the system, your engine will overheat causing damage to the internal components. Always make sure your radiator and coolant reservoir are properly filled. But never open your radiator cap unless the engine has properly cooled off because the heat and pressure could cause severe burns.

3) Keep your tires properly inflated
To prevent flat tires and blowouts, it’s important to keep the proper amount of air in your tires. It will also save you money in two ways: first on tire replacement costs because properly inflated tires will wear down slower than under/over inflated ones, second on gas because you'll be getting more MPGs.

4) Check your oil level regularly
Many older cars (and even newer cars) can burn or leak oil. A good habit is to check your dipstick once every other week. If your car burns or leaks oil, add as needed to keep the level in the safe zone area of the dipstick. If severe, have the problem inspected by a trusted mechanic.